China values Pakistan’s role in Afghan issue, respects its sovereignty: FO Spokesperson


BEIJING, Aug 24 (APP): China on Thursday said that it

valued Pakistan’s role in the Afghanistan issue and respects
its sovereignty and security concerns.
“We value Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan issue and
respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and security concerns,”
Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying
said during her regular press briefing here.
On the US new policy on Afghanistan and South Asia,
she said the elaboration of the US policy on Afghanistan
and South Asia has drawn a widespread attention.
Hua informed that Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi
held a telephonic conversation with U.S. State of Secretary
Rex Tillerson and told him about the policy of China on
Afghan issue.
“Yang Jiechi mentioned that China is committed to
promoting peace and reconciliation process in
Afghanistan,” she added.
The spokesperson said China has always maintained that
the political dialogue is only way out of Afghanistan
The international community needs to support Afghanistan
in achieving a broad and inclusive political reconciliation,
support the Afghan people in pursuing a development path that
suits their own national conditions and support the Afghan
government in increasing it capability to fight forces of
extremism and terrorism, she said.
The spokesperson said China stands ready to keep
communication and coordination with the US on the
Afghanistan issue and make concerted efforts to realize
peace and stability in Afghanistan and the whole region.
Responding to a question asked by APP about the
outcome of Pakistan’s foreign secretary’s recent visit
to China, she informed the Chinese foreign minister and
assistant foreign ministers held meetings with her
during the visit.
China maintained that China and Pakistan are all
weather strategic partners, she said and added, “We have
always given each other support on core issues and
Hua said against the current backdrop, China
appreciates Pakistan’s efforts in ensuring security
for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
“The foreign secretary assured that Pakistan is
China’s iron brother and it will not change its policy
towards China,” she added.
“The foreign secretary also assured that Pakistan
will remain committed to the CPEC as well promoting
new advancements in our bilateral relations,” she added.
To a question on the building of a new road by
India in disputed border area, she said India was
“slapping its own face” by going ahead with a road
project near the Pangong lake on the India-China
“It seems according to the reports the Indian
side is slapping its own face. The Indian side is
closely following China’s road-building recently but
India’s actions themselves have proven that the Indian
side says something and does another. It’s words are
in complete contradiction to its deeds in terms of
border issues,” she added.
Hua said the western section of the India-China
boundary has not been delimited. The two sides have
agreed to uphold border areas’ peace and tranquility
before disputes are settled.
The current road construction by the Indian side
is not conducive to peace and stability in that area
and the project will not help with settlement of the
current situation.