China urges India to honor commitment on Tibet, avoid China-India relations from being further undermined


BEIJING (China) March 20, (APP): China on Monday urged the Indian side to

honor its commitment on Tibet, respect its core concerns and avoid relations between both
the countries from being further disrupted and undermined.
“We urge India to see clearly anti-China and split nature of Dalai group and honor
its commitment on Tibet”, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said
during her regular press briefing while responding to a question about Dalai Lama’s
participation in a recently held conference on Buddhism in India.
She said, in recent days, Indian side in total disregard of China’s stern
representation and strong opposition, invited Dalai Lama to attend an international
conference on Buddhism in India organized by the Indian government.
“China is strongly dissatisfied and firmly opposed to it.”
While answering a question regarding Chinese concept of building “a community of
shared future for all humankind” incorporated into a U.N. Security Council resolution for
the first time, reflecting the extraordinary charm and vitality of the notion, she said, it also
embodied growing global recognition of China’s great contribution to global governance.
She said, the resolution called on the relevant parties to advance the Belt and Road
Initiatives and propose specific requirement regarding security and other items.
To yet another question about China-Korea trade relations in the backdrop of
deployment of THAAD missile defence system in Republic of Korea, she said, “We support
normal business exchanges between China and South Korean”.
The Spokesperson, however, said, China’s opposition against THAAD missile defence
system deployed in South Korea was clear and consistent.
About China’s participation in the negotiations to be held in New York for international
arms control treaty, she said, “China has decided not to take part in the negotiation and
this decision is based on the consideration of maintaining the existing international arms
control and disarmament mechanism and advancing nuclear disarmament in incremental
Hua Chunying said, China always maintained and actively advocated the comprehensive
prohibition and total destruction of nuclear weapons, adding, “We must uphold principle
of maintaining global and strategic stability and security for all”.
She however said, despite this decision, China was ready to work with all sides for
a nuclear weapons free world.
To a question, she said, “China is opposed to the efforts of Democratic Republic of
Korea (DPRK) in advancing its nuclear and missile development, adding, China’s position
over this issue was very consistent”.