China trying to verify situation of two Chinese kidnapped in Pakistan: Spokesperson

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BEIJING, June 9 (APP): A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Friday
said the Chinese side was trying to learn more about reported killing of two Chinese kidnapped in Pakistan and verify the situation by all means, including via the Pakistani side.
“We have noted the relevant report and are highly concerned about that,
Hua Chunying remarked when asked to confirm the report that two Chinese kidnapped in Pakistan were killed”.
The spokesperson said, “We have been trying to rescue the two hostages
during this period of time.”
She said the Chinese side firmly opposes kidnapping of civilians,
terrorism and extremely violent acts in all forms.
Two Chinese language teachers, based in the Pakistani township of
Jinnah, Quetta city, in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, were captured by gunmen pretending to be police on May 24.
Three Chinese citizens – two women and a man – were intercepted by three
people in a white car while leaving a language center and forced them into the vehicle at gunpoint.
One of the women narrowly escaped during the turmoil when the kidnappers
fired warning shots into the air to scare passers-by and the other two, a couple, were taken away.