China to host second Belt and Road Forum in 2019: President Xi

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BEIJING, May 15 (APP): Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday said China would host second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2019.
Addressing a press conference at the picturesque Yanqi Lake after the end of two-day Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, he said, the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative was in full swing.
President Xi said the heads of state, government and representatives of 68 countries and international organizations have signed multilateral agreements with China.
Expressing confidence in the future of the Belt and Road Initiative, he said the next step was to seek deeper and broader cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative framework.
“China hopes the initiative would boost economic growth for participating countries and intensify people-to-people bonds”, he added.
A list of more than 270 outcomes was formulated, Xi said, expressing confidence in the prospect of the Belt and Road Initiative.
These outcomes would lend strong support to the building of the Belt and Road, and serve to boost confidence from all parties to advance cooperation, he said.
He said the leaders supported closer economic policy coordination and stronger synergy of their development strategies in an effort to achieve coordinated and interconnected development.
“We hope to translate consensus into action and achieve fresh outcomes in practical cooperation,” he said.
In addition, they hoped to build bridges of people-to-people exchange and deliver better lives to the people, Xi remarked.
The participants in the Leaders Roundtable of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation adopted a joint communique and released an outcome list.
The roundtable summit was part of the two-day forum held on Sunday and Monday and attended by 30 heads of state and government leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping.
The forum was the most important meeting on the Belt and Road Initiative since Xi first made the proposal in 2013.
It was also the largest-scale and highest-level international gathering initiated by China.