China supports political stability in South Asia for economic development in the region


BEIJING, April 27, (APP): China strongly supports political
stability in South Asia as this is extremely crucial for economic development and well being of the people of the region that holds all potential to emerge as a hub of prosperity and peace, said Ambassador Hu Zhengyue, a senior member (deputy) of National Peoples Congress and also a member of the National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee.
Talking to a group of South Asian journalist here on Wednesday, the seasoned diplomat said China accords top priority to maintain cordial relationship with all its neighbours, who happen to be no less than 14 in number, and for the very purpose has taken series of measures offering each of these countries a win-win option that does not in any way compromise any of their interests or that of China itself.
“We attribute great significane to stability as without stability there can be no development,” he said reiterating that no developing country including China can allow other parties to interfere in their affairs.