China strongly urges India to take concrete measures to maintain border peace


BEIJING, July 24 (APP): A spokesperson of China Ministry of National
Defense on Monday strongly urged India to withdraw its troops from China’s territory and take concrete measures to maintain border peace and stability.
Crossing of the international recognized borders by Indian military is a
serious violation of China’s territory and also against the international law, Wu Qian said during a monthly briefing while responding to a question regarding latest situation in the Sikkim section of China-India border area.
He said in the middle of June, Indian border guards trespassed into
China’s territory and blocked constructions of roads by Chinese military.
China will safeguard its sovereignty at all costs, he said, adding,
Chinese border troops have taken up emergency response measures in the area and will further step up deployment and training in response to the situation.
Wu strongly urged and required the Indian side to withdraw its troops
back to its area along the borderline of two countries.
This is the basis of settling this issue and peace and security of the
border besides in the interest of the people of both China and the India.
The spokesperson also strongly urged the Indian side to stop taking
provocative acts and jointly work to achieve goal of peace and stability.
He also reminded that the history of PLA’s in past 90 years has
demonstrated its increasing capacities and unshakable determination to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said and added, “It’s easier to shake a mountain than the PLA.”
On recent naval activity around the world during a press briefing, he
said, recent international military collaborations by the PLA are the duty of the armed forces of a major power.
“China’s armed forces have been actively expanding their military
cooperation,” Wu said, referring to the PLA’s participation in international peace-keeping, anti-piracy, humanitarian aid, disaster relief among others.
It showed the responsibility that the PLA accepts as the armed forces of a major country, he continued.
The spokesperson stressed that PLA warships and planes, as those of
other militaries, have the same rights to navigate in and overfly non-territorial waters.