China, South Asia, and Southeast Asia to establish university alliance


BEIJING, Nov 28 (APP):Leaders from 50 universities from 10 countries including China, South Asia and Southeast Asia reached an agreement on establishing a university alliance to enhance educational exchanges and cooperation.

The agreement was reached at the South and Southeast Asia University Presidents Forum held at Yunnan University, attracting leaders from over 50 universities, including China’s Nankai University, and Fudan University; Thailand’s Mahidol University, and Chiang Mai University; Cambodia’s Royal University of Phnom Penh and University of Colombo in Sri Lanka, ‘China Daily’ reported on Tuesday.

Establishment of the alliance aims at enhancing the regional educational exchanges and cooperation, jointly explore talent training, establish joint laboratories and scientific research platforms and expand the international influence of the universities.
“Against the current backdrop of economic globalization and regional integration, openness, inclusiveness, and cooperation have become a common choice for universities to seek development,” said Lin Wenxun, President of Yunnan University.

Lakshman Dissanayake, President of University of Colombo, noted that establishment of the alliance will help inter-regional universities realize the sharing of resources and accelerate talent flow and economic integration. The alliance is expected to be officially established in 2018, according to the meeting.