China ready to enhace cooperation with Arab states: Xi

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ISLAMABAD, Jul 11 (APP):Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China-Arab cooperation declaration has garnered great support from the Arab world and will take cooperation between China and Arab states to new heights.

Addressing at the opening ceremony of the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in Beijing, Xi said China stands ready to work with Arab states on the initiative, reported China Daily.

Xi said that China-Arab cooperation declaration will be signed for the Belt and Road Initiative. “Arab states are natural partners of China”, he added.

Chinese President pledged that China will provide $20 billion in loans to help Arab states in economic reconstruction.

China will help Arab states with transportation infrastructure, speed up cooperation in oil and gas, finance, high-tech fields, the digital economy and artificial intelligence, Xi said.

“China plans to import goods worth over $8 trillion in five years and this would bring huge opportunities to Arab states”, Xi said.

He said China will press ahead with FTA talks with Arab states and invite hundreds of Arab elites over here during next three years.

The CASCF, established 14 year ago, has facilitated China’s cooperation and communication with the Arab states.