China proposes technical hold to uphold validity of 1276 Committee: FO Spokesperson


BEIJING, Nov 2 (APP):China Thursday said it has proposed technical hold on the 1267 Committee of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to give it more time for deliberation and to all relevant parties for further consultations.

“As we said before, China proposed the technical hold so that more time was given to the Committee for deliberations and to all relevant parties for further consultations. Regrettably however, the Committee has yet to reach a consensus,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Hua Chunying said during her regular press briefing here.
She said the action China has just taken at the 1267 Committee is, as always, meant to uphold the authority and validity of the Committee.
The Spokesperson said, there were differences over the issue of listing of terrorist organizations and individuals in the 1267 Committee and it had yet to reach consensus.
“The Committee has its own rules of procedure. As I said, there are differences over this issue in the Committee and it has yet to reach a consensus,” she added.
China would remain in communication and coordination with all relevant parties in line with the resolutions of the Security Council and the rules of procedure of the 1267 Committee, she added.
Responding to a question regarding Indian President’s appreciation to the Bhutan’s King for his support with regard to the Doklam crisis, she said, “We have noted the relevant reports.”
Hua Chunying said that both India and Bhutan were China’s important neighbors, adding, China stayed committed to developing good-neighborliness and friendship with India and Bhutan and welcomes the development of normal state-to-state relations between these two countries.
On the standoff in Dong Lang from June to August, she said, China stated its stance on this many times.
“We believe that the proper settlement of the Dong Lang incident through diplomatic efforts serves the common interests of both China and India”, she added.
She expressed the hope India would abide by historical boundary agreements, observe the principles of international law and work with China to uphold peace and tranquility in the border region.