China pivotal to Pakistan's foreign policy: Maleeha

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CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, April 27 (APP): Pakistan’s relationship with  China is strategic, historic, trouble free and pivotal to the country’s foreign policy, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said during a talk at Harvard University here.

Speaking in a Programme run by the Kennedy School called the “Future of  Diplomacy,” Dr Lodhi, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, set out the country’s regional and global agenda and emphasized that this reflected national priorities and Islamabad’s role as a ‘critical state’ in international affairs.

The national priorities she listed included economic revival, the defeat  of terrorism and elimination of violent extremism in and around Pakistan, preservation of the country’s strategic capability and building regional peace and stability.The latter, she explained, required an end to the conflict in Afghanistan, and normalization of Pakistan-India relations on an equitable and durable basis.