China, Pak agree to expand collaboration in film, television, publication


BEIJING, July 4 (APP): In a bid to further enhance people to people
contacts and cultural cooperation, China and Pakistan have agreed to expand their bilateral collaboration in film, television and publications.
In this regard, Vice Minister of China’s State Administration for Press,
Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Tong Gang and Pakistan Ambassador to China, Masood Khalid in a recently held meeting discussed ways and means to enhance the collaboration between the two friendly countries in the fields of film, television and publications, official sources said on Tuesday.
During the meeting which took place in a warm and cordial atmosphere,
Ambassador Masood Khalid said that people to people exchanges and collaboration in culture and education were an important aspect of Pakistan-China relations.
He suggested collaborations between the film industry of Pakistan and
China by connecting producers and directors of both countries.
The Vice Minister Tong Gang agreed with Ambassador’s proposals to expand cooperation between the two countries.
They agreed to intensify cooperation and people to people contacts
between the two countries in the entertainment industry.