China has 108 million movable cultural artifacts: survey


BEIJING (China), April 11 (APP): China’s first national survey of
movable cultural artifacts has found that there are 108.15 million items or sets of such artifacts owned by the state.
The State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) announced here on Tuesday that 26.61 million movable cultural artifacts had been registered.
To better count and protect the country’s ancient relics, a census was
conducted from 2012 to 2016 which covered 1.02 million state institutions on the mainland, investigating, identifying and registering various artifacts.
A national database was also established as the census was carried out.
Paper and digital records of the artifacts will be maintained, with relevant information made available to the public. About 50 million pictures of the artifacts have so far been uploaded to the national database.
Every registered artifact possesses its own unique code, which indicates
the relic’s location, organization and sequence number. As many as 107,000 people were involved in administering the survey.