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ISLAMABAD, Oct 20 (APP):Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China not only has emerged as the world leader in various aspects like globalization, clean environment but also has become one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies, foreign experts said about incumbent Chinese leadership.
According to China Daily, Foreign experts from different professional backgrounds have shared their views on the report delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing and appreciated the concrete steps taken by President Xi for the betterment of the country.
Chief Representative, IMF China, Member of International Committee of International Monetary Institute, Renmin University of China Alfred Schipke said China’s focus on structural reforms and allowing the market to play a decisive role will not only reduce vulnerabilities but also improve the allocation of resources.
Herbert Poenisch, Member of International Committee of International Monetary Institute, Renmin University of China, former Senior Economist of Bank for International Settlements appreciated China’s commitment to globalization. “with a stable and prosperous China committed to globalization, clean environment, and world peace, we are heartened to read in Chairman Xi’s address of China’s continuing commitment to its open-door policy, starting with the One Belt One Road”, he said.
Mathias Lund Larsen, Director of International Cooperation and Research Fellow, International Institute of Green Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics said that it is encouraging to see ‘green’ being incorporated into both the concept of development and China’s long-term planning. “It is a particularly strong market signals that President Xi highlighted during his speech that there is no dilemma between green development and economic growth”, he added.
Harvey Dzodin, Research Fellow, Center on China and Globalization was of the view that Xi’s speech exemplified that China has resumed the role of one of the world’s premier leaders that it held for more than a millennium. “It showed just how far China has come, especially since the 18th Party Congress under Xi’s enlightened leadership. It laid out a firm two-phased plan will propel China into being the strongest country in the world by the country’s centennial in 2049”, he added.
“The key point that President Xi highlighted is how socialism with Chinese characteristics can continue to modernize and rejuvenate China, and contribute toward development for humanity in general and developing nations in particular” Jaya Josie, Head of BRICS Research Center, Member of International Commitee of International Monetary Institute, Renmin University of China said.
Swaran Singh, professor of International Relations at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi said the last five years of China’s diplomacy have managed to steer the country clear of a much-hyped “Thucydides trap”, where China’s unprecedented rise was expected to push it into competition with existing major powers. “Xi’s speech privileging China’s soft power, especially culture, should assuage skeptics about the president’s future vision.”, he suggested.
He said that Xi is today recognized as the world’s most influential leader, in command of one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. This should bring greater support to the Belt and Road Initiative, which has increased China’s focus on engaging its immediate and extended neighborhood, defining its strategic location in world affairs.