China always stands for proper handling of listing issue: FO Spokesperson

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BEIJING, June 20 (APP): While restating its position on the listing issue, China Tuesday said it always stood for the proper handling of listing matter in the principle of objectiveness, fairness and professionalism.
“As to the issue of the listing of the 1267 Committee, We have stated our position many times. We always stand for the proper handling of the listing matter in the principle of objectiveness, fairness and professionalism,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said during his regular press conference here.
He said as far as he knew, members of the Security Council
still had differences about certain listing applications.
“China wishes to keep communication and coordination
with relevant parties on this matter,” he added.
Responding to a question, he said as to the proposal
of global counter-terrorism efforts under the coordination of the
UN, China agreed with it and adopted a positive attitude.
“The UN made some adjustments to its institutions on terrorism
in its Secretariat in a view to further integrating the
forces, increasing the UN inputs in counter-terrorism
and better coordinating its members’ cooperation on
counter-terrorism,” he added.
The Chinese side, he said, supported the UN in playing
a pivotal and coordinating role in
international counter-terrorism cooperation.
Responding to yet another question, he stressed that
BRICS cooperation had always followed the spirit of
openness, incisiveness, cooperation and win-win results.
“The BRICS countries do not seek clique or military alliance, nor
do we target at, challenge, offset or replace any one,” he added.
He said the BRICS countries stood ready to work with other
countries to jointly build the community of common future.
Explaining the concept of “BRICKS Plus” expounded by
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, he said it meant that the
BRICS countries should further enhance the interactions,
dialogue and cooperation with other developing countries
and emerging markets and make the cooperation among the
BRICS countries better reflect the common positions and collective
will of the developing countries.
On the Korean nuclear issue, he said, China’s position had
always been consistent and clear, adding, “We stay
committed to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,
peacefully resolving relevant issues through dialogue and
negotiation and upholding peninsular peace and stability.”
On the South China Sea issue, he said, China had stated
its principled position many times and added, now with the
concerted efforts of China and ASEAN countries, the situation in
the South China Sea was turning better while maintaining stability,
and the issue had come back to the right track of peaceful
solution through negotiation and consultation.
“We hope relevant parties will respect the
efforts by regional countries to peacefully resolve the
issue through negotiation and consultation and do more things
that are conducive to regional peace and stability,” he added.