Chief Minister’s message on Air Force Day

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LAHORE, Sept 6 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz
Sharif said on Wednesday that 7th of September is a historic day
in the history of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) when the brave eagles
of Pakistan had written great stories of bravery, courage and
valor and failed the aerial attacks of the enemy with their befitting
In his message on the Air Force Day, he said that this day is
an occasion to pay tributes to immortal sacrifices and historic
achievements of brave men of Pakistan Air Force. This day reminds
us that how our brave eagles made the enemy attacks unsuccessful
and maintained security and defense of the country.
The PAF destroyed the aerial might of the enemy and secured the
defense of the geographical boundaries of the motherland, he said
and added that PAF forced the enemy to retreat with its brave display
of professionalism and courage. He said that besides land and naval
forces that played marvelous role in the war of 1965, the role of
the PAF will be written in golden words.
There is no doubt that PAF is one of the best air forces in the
world. All the three armed forces of Pakistan are equipped with professional capabilities and are ever-ready for the defense of the country. Due to the strong defense of Pakistan, no-one can dare see
towards our motherland with an evil eye, he maintained.
Shehbaz Sharif said that the whole nation is proud of its armed
forces and the persons sacrificing their lives for the motherland
are heroes of the nation and the 21 crore people pay tributes to
these brave sons of Pakistan.
He said that the nation is proud of professional capabilities of PAF eagles and added that he is fully confident that the PAF will remain ever-vigilant and alert and the
high standards of its professionalism will also be maintained.