Character building, nurturing self respect a major challenge for teachers

ISLAMABAD, Oct 5 (APP): Focus on character building, inculcating questioning habit and nurturing self respect among students is a major challenge for teachers to build a strong nation.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Law and Justice, Barrister Zafar Ullah on Wednesday said nations are established through academic institutions not from parliaments, as people of strong moral and spiritual values change fate of any country trailing it on way of progress.

Addressing a seminar as chief guest on “21st Century Teacher Challenges, Opportunities” organized by Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ) in connection with world teachers day, the Special Assistant said teachers are back bone of every nation who have major responsibility to give open minds of youth and determine direction.

Their prime objective must be to build strong personality of
their students who have active consciousness, dedication for betterment of society and zeal to do their work with dedication and sincerity.

The second key responsibility of the teachers is to inculcate the habit of pondering and questioning, Barrister Zafar said adding, “they have to develop curiosity as around 500 times Holy Quran stressed to think deeply each and every think.”

He informed that from Hazrat Aisha (RA), to whom more than 2500 Ahadis are associated, was used to ask very difficult questions from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and he always encouraged her.

“Things which cannot be defended by logic, are not defeated with guns,” Barrister Zafar Ullah said.

The special assistant who is also author of number of books on spirituality further stated that self respect is the third important component of human character to achieve success and prove their abilities.

“Unless we do not have confidence on ourself we may not be able to bear the challenges of a prosperous life,” he stated.

Concluding his remarks he said teachers are architects of a nation and our society direly needed social and moral uplift so all teachers have to “Do your Bit” to bring a sustainable and positive change in our society.

Chairperson National Commission for Human Development, Rozina Alam Khan sharing her remarks on the occasion stated that teachers are the focal point of education system. They have high prestige in every society as they have to mold and prepare the future generation but every prestige is annexed with huge responsibility.

She expressed with dismay that unfortunately tuition centers have ruined our education system and students rely more on that rather then regular classes in academic institutions.

She further stated that teachers must continuously update their knowledge, adding that, “Like no lamp can be lit without fuel, no teacher sustain without learning.”

Quoting the words of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan she stated that moral training is much more important than education.
Dr. Saeed Ilahi, Chairperson Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Syed Waqas Jafri, Vice Chairman AFAQ, Arshad Saeed Khan, Education Specialist, Salman Naveed from Alif Ailaan and Dr. Riffat Shaukat of Ihsas Foundation also expressed their views on the occasion.