Chaoyang Elementary School’s students visit Pakistan Embassy


BEIJING (China) March 16 (APP): A group of 34 students from the Chaoyang Elementary School of Beijing visited the Embassy of Pakistan here on Thursday.
During their visit to the Embassy, the students, accompanied by some teachers, parents and party secretary of the school, expressed keen interest in Pakistan, its culture and different aspects of its society.
They were also enlightened about the background and history of Pakistan-China relations.
Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, Ms. Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that Pakistan-China relations continued to be embedded in deep-rooted affiliation and appreciation of each other’s culture and were strengthened by such exchanges.
She also highlighted that children of the two countries represented a bright future of special relations between Pakistan and China.
The visiting school children also presented a short and graceful performance of the Peking opera.