Chairman of Oman council acquired the membership of IAB


ISLAMABAD, Jun 30 (APP): Chairman of The Research Council of Oman
(TRC) has become the member of International Advisory Board of the Mustafa(pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF).
According to MSTF Media report, the issue of their membership in the
International Advisory Board of the MSTF was brought up during the TRC delegation visit to the MSTF Office and was confirmed subsequent to further considerations.
The report said one of the outcomes in final statement of Science and
Technology Exchange Program (STEP) in Malaysia was “Establishment of S&T international advisory board for MSTF to pursue the aforementioned recommendations and related issues.
The board may include the Mustafa(pbuh)Prize laureates”.
The report said that the council will play a significant role in the
creation of an on-line hub to be an enabling platform for S&T collaborations and giving access to best practices among Islamic countries.
It said that it will also help presenting solutions for improving
scientific and technological collaborations among scientists and scientific
centers of Islamic countries, developing and promoting endowments whose purpose is to fund activities such as supporting exceptional early career scholars, productive researchers, and new initiatives.
It is noteworthy that Chairman of The Research Council of Oman which
is responsible for extending science and technology in the country, is
simultaneously advisor to (His Majesty) the Sultan of Oman.