ISLAMABAD, Feb 21 (APP):The two-week workshop of cartoon making concluded here Thursday at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) after serving art lovers with basic and advance techniques of cartooning.The workshop was open for media, students, cartoonists and artists having a background of drawing to provide them training of political cartooning while renowned cartoonist Shujaat Ali was conducted the workshop at National Art Gallery of PNCA.
Shujaat Ali is among the pioneers of animated political cartooning. He is well known and most modern political/editorial cartoonist among his contemporary practitioners, both domestically in Pakistan and abroad. He has received recognition and awards as best editorial cartoonist from the beginning of his career in 1992. He is the first ever teacher of political cartooning in Pakistan as well as he teaches this new style to others.
PNCA regularly organize workshops on various art forms including Calligraphy, Islamic ornamentation, ceramic and pottery, miniature painting, paper making, print making etc. These workshops help students to enhance their skills in a limited time sphere, said the organizers.
These workshops not only focus on practical skills but also educate the participants about the theoretical training with basic and advanced techniques to bring professionalism in amateur artists. These opportunities explore hidden talent of children, students, youngsters and local artists for promoting and preserving the rich culture of the country.