APP22-27 ISLAMABAD: June 27 – Federal Minister for IBNH&LH Barrister Syed Ali Zafar visiting different stalls after inaugurating Educational Expo at Pak-China Friendship Center. APP photo by Javed Qureshi


ISLAMABAD, Jun 27 (APP):Minister for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Syed Ali Zafar on Wednesday assured that general election would be held on July 25 and the caretaker government would hold the most fair, transparent and impartial elections in the country’s history.
Speaking to media during visit of an Education Expo here at Pak-China Friendship Centre, he said it was mandate of the caretaker government to ensure holding of free, fair, transparent and timely election. There was no truth in the rumours making rounds for some days and elections would be held on time, he added.
The minister said all the political parties should concentrate on their election campaigns and manifestos and convey to the people the programmes and plans for bringing social justice and resolving issues in all sectors including water, electricity and economy.
He said FATA was merged into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after the constitutional changes and people in former FATA areas would get all the facilities and fundamental rights which were enjoyed by other Pakistani citizens.
Ali Zafar said that according to the constitution, provincial assembly elections in former FATA areas should be held within a year.
He said Pakistani armed forces were fighting the war against terrorism while at the same time education was also a tool to defeat terrorism. He said young generation was fighting against terrorism through education. He said federation should have its role in education for development of national character.
To a question, he said the caretaker government would not indulge in the blame game and would put facts before the nation. The minister said the subject of education was devolved to the provinces after the 18th amendment, adding however, the federal government should continue to play its role in the sector of higher education.
He said Pakistan Television as a state broadcaster was giving equal time to the political parties running their election campaigns.
He informed that postings and transfers were done at the federal and provincial levels as identified by the Election Commission and more changes would be made if it was found that any one was influencing the elections.
To a question, he said he believed that if any investigating agency was acting according to law nobody should interfere in it. The government would not interfere in the legal process, however if any person had a reservation then he should approach the courts, he added.
He said a country would move ahead when institutions would work independently.
He expressed happiness that at the exhibition different educational institutions got together under a single roof and young intelligent and capable organizers were informing visitors about the opportunities of learning available to them in colleges and universities. He was hopeful that such exhibitions would be held regularly in other cities as well.
He said the notification would be issued for appointment of new Chairman PEMRA on Thursday. A committee formed on the orders of Supreme Court shortlisted the name for the Chairman PEMRA. After the permission from the Election Commission, application was given to Supreme Court through the Attorney General for the appointment, he added.