Canadians express solidarity with Kashmiris


ISLAMABAD, Feb 9 (APP): The Kashmiri and Pakistani
Canadian community held a demonstration outside the Canadian
Parliament to express solidarity with the Kashmiris and to
condemn growing Indian atrocities against the innocent
Kashmiri people.
The demonstrators, in chilling minus 30 degrees
centigrade, held placards and banners highlighting sufferings
of the Kashmiris at the hands of Indian armed forces in held
Kashmir, a message received here Thursday from Canada said.
They chanted slogans against human rights violations in
the valley to draw the attention of the international
community towards the gross human rights violations and use of
pallet guns against innocent civilians.
They reminded the international community to fulfill the
commitments made by the United Nations Security Council for
granting the right of self determination to Kashmiris.
The protestors urged the Canadian Parliamentarians,
civil society and the government to take up the issue of human
rights violations with the Indian government and for immediate
implementation of the United Nation Security Council’s
resolution for ascertaining wishes of the Kashmiri people to
decide their own future.