Cabinet’s decision to ensure life-saving drugs availability hailed

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 25 (APP): Minister for National Health Services
Saira Afzal Tarar Friday hailed the decision of the federal cabinet in its
meeting to approve fixation of maximum retail price of essential and life-saving drugs.
“This will ensure availability of life-saving drugs in the market”,
the minister said while commenting on the decision in a statement here.
The approval had been accorded in sync with the first ever
Drug Pricing Policy given by PML-N government.
The minister said that the federal cabinet had approved maximum
retail prices of drugs fixed in accordance with the provisions of the Drug Pricing Policy-2015 or lower prices as demanded by the manufacturers or importers.
This will ensure availability of new therapies for patients suffering
from hepatitis C, patients on dialysis, umbilical cord infections in new born babies, vaccines for Diphtheria, Pertusis and Tetnus, Hepatitis B and other diseases such as major depression, anxiety, ulcers, epilepsy, psoriasis, diabetes, hypertension, allergy, gastrointestinal pain, scickle cell anemia, rickets disease and scurvy, deficiency iron, calcium, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, diarrhea, bone osteoporosis, viral, fungal and bacterial infection, skin infections, asthma, pulmonary obstructive disease, lung injections, burnt skin infections, parkinsonism, rhinitis, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension, Psychosis, Dry eyes, diabetic insipidus, vertigo, prevention of bleeding, smoking cessation therapies, anesthesia, vomiting in cancer patients, blood volume expansion, bone osteoporosis, contraception, anemia and fertility at affordable prices.
The decision will allow marketing of new drugs which will not only
ensure availability of new treatments for life threatening diseases but also
increase competition in respect of already available therapies in the market, the Minister added.
“We consider access to quality and affordable drugs as the right of
every Pakistani and we will continue to strive to this end,” the minister said.
She said that the prices of 113 new drugs had been recommended by
the Drug Pricing Committee which had representation of Health Departments
of all provinces, Ministry of Finance, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan
while pharmaceutical industry representatives also attend meetings of the
committee as observers.