CAA rebuts allegation of SAI


ISLAMABAD April 24 (APP): Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Monday strongly refuted Shaheen Air International’s (SAI) claim of heavy losses incurred by the airline due to delay in issuance of Regular Public Transport (RPT) license by authority.
The charge leveled by SAI against the Senior Management of Pakistan CAA was baseless and unfounded, a press release of CAA here said.
It was apprised that the National Aviation Policy 2015 and all the associated policies, were issued by the Government of Pakistan and not Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. Shaheen Air International has taken the liberty of blaming CAA Management while it has no valid grounds, as other Airline Operators in Pakistan are continuing to conduct smooth and progressive flight operations.
Shaheen Air International has no valid grounds to blame CAA Management for its own wrongful conduct as an airline operator.
Pakistan CAA has provided a level playing field to all the stakeholders in the Aviation Industry, which is envisioned on the prevalence of free and open market based competition.
Pakistan CAA’s regulatory intervention is only undertaken when considered mandatory by virtue of prevalent circumstances/indicators.
The SAI has conveniently put the blame on CAA for the responsibility that they have to the Pakistan traveling public for their proposed operations on the Multan – Muscat route.
It is therefore clarified that Shaheen Air International did not submit its flight schedule request for the aforementioned sector as prescribed under applicable rules and regulations.
On the contrary, Shaheen Air International submitted its proposed flight schedule on the Multan – Muscat route days before the commencement of operations.
However, the request for the approval of the Multan – Muscat flight schedule was pending in light of SAI’s non-fulfilment of CAA requirements.
It was further highlighted that airline operators were not
authorized to sell airways bills/tickets to the passengers prior to obtaining approval from the concerned regulatory body.
This was a practice that had to be condemned as being detrimental to the interests of the traveling public.
Shaheen Air International had again resorted to the misconduct of non-payment of Pakistan CAA outstanding dues. Pakistan CAA, at this point in time, has no choice but to exercise its regulatory powers to collect its rightfully owed dues.
It is stressed that Pakistan CAA does not believe in discrimination and will treat all defaulters in the same manner.
Addressing the alleged delays on the renewal of its Regular
Public Transport License by Shaheen Air International, it is informed that the renewal of Shaheen Air International’s license was the prerogative of the Government of Pakistan and the matter had been pending the grant of security clearance by the concerned Security Agencies in the past.
Nonetheless, Shaheen Air International’s Regular Public Transport License has always been renewed in accordance with the directives of the Government of Pakistan.
As for the present, Shaheen Air International has been
granted a period of 45 days for the acquisition of a fresh Regular Public Transport License in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The responsibility for the fulfillment of all regulatory requirements rests with Shaheen Air International to ensure the continuity of their business operations.
CAA forcefully dispel all pressures that may lead to compromise of flight safety and passenger rights.
CAA will not permit any flight operation without a valid RPT License and Insurance at the risk and cost of flight safety and passenger safety.