Business community committed to boost Pak-China trade


BEIJING, May 27 (APP): The business community of
Pakistan is committed to further boost Pak-China trade
relations, increase exports and minimize the trade deficit
between the two countreis.

These view were expressed by leading Pakistani businessmen visiting Chinese Capital here, including Tippu Turk, Javed Ur Rehman and Saeed Peter while talking to APP  on the occasion of celebrations of 65 years of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan.

They said that Pakistan China friendship was the finest
example in the diplomatic history of the world adding the all
weather friendship between both the nations was strengthening with evey passing day in all fields of life, including economic and trade.

Tippu Turk who exports Sialkot-based surgical equipments to China said that Pakistan and China have successfully transformed their diplomatic relations into geo economic partnership.

He said that Pakistan’s surgical equipments were top
ranking in the world. “It is due to quality of these
equipments that we can easily compete with different countries in this sector”, he said.

He urged manufacturers and exporters of various products
in Pakistan to work hard for increasing their exports, however stresed for sustainable efforts to minimize overall trade deficit of Pakistan.

Javed Ur Rehman a garments manufacurer and exporter
said that China and Pakistan have been furthering their trade ties.

” Like various other countries, the trade balance
between China and Pakistan is largely infavour of China.

Pakistani exporters have lot of potential and abilities to
increase exports “, he added.

He said that Pakistani business coummunity in China is fully
aware of its responsibilities to boost the trade specially the
exports and earn foreign exchange for thier country.

Pakistan’s precious stones exporter in Beijing Saeed
Peter, said that Pakistan has rich mineral resources.

Precious stones, semi precious stones and handicrafts of
Pakistan have world’s recognition, he said.

He said that Pakistani businessmen need to exprelore
more potential of these sectors in China and various
other countries .

He said that joint ventures with Chinese for exploration of mineral resources and exporting them can also be good options for earning dollars.

“China has huge consumers base in the world and it is
first door neighbour of Pakistan and has friendly enviornment for Pakistanis. Therefore, we need to further increase our trade specially the exports,” Saeed Peter said.

He said that China-Pakistan Economc Corridor (CPEC) has
also opened new vistas of economic, trade and cultral, relations  between both the countries.

He said that China was fast growing economy and Pakistan
has cheap labor and low cost raw materials which makes a
perfect combination of creating a win win situation for both
the sides.