British Backpacker continues trip to historical sites of Sindh


ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP):British Backpacker Society’s 7-member team continued their trip to the Sindh Province by visiting the Chaukhandi Tombs, a remarkable historical site and Mohatta Palace.

The team discovered that the country offered so much more to travellers than just alpine pastures and high glaciers, said a statement issued by British Backpacker Society.

Take, for example, the Chaukhandi Tombs, a remarkable historical site just 30km from central Karachi.

The ornately carved tombs offer travellers both a glimpse of the craftsmanship of Sindhi stone-masons in times gone-by and an insight into the artistic styles that such stone-masons pursued.

If you take a visit to Chaukhandi, however, make sure you bring a hat, sunscreen cream and sun-glasses – during their visit, the team discovered the extreme heat of summer in Sindh.