Bosan for establishing Islamic Biotechnology Center

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ISLAMABAD, Apr 26 (APP): Minister for National Food Security
and Research Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan on Wednesday called for
establishing Islamic biotechnology center in order to develop the
agriculture and related sectors for the socio-economic prosperity of
Muslim countries.
Addressing the 3rd “International Conference on
Agriculture, Food Security and Biotechnology”, he said that
government believes that practical collaboration among the Muslim
countries in the cutting edge areas of modern biotechnology was the
need of time.
The event was organized by Pakistan Agricultural Research
Council (PARC) in collaboration with COMSATS, Islamic Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and CIMMYT.
The aim of the conference was to share the international best
practices of using the biotechnology for the development of
agriculture sector and food security.
The minister termed the exchange of eminent scientist for
short term and graduating students among Islamic countries as
another good form of cooperation.
He called upon the scientists for encouraging and promoting
smart agricultural practices to build the resilience in agri-sector.
Pakistan was working on the development of infrastructure for
using modern and innovative technologies including the biotechnology
for uplift of agriculture, health and industrial sectors of the
country, he added.
“Pakistan has improved its crop yield and productivity over
the years and it was producing surplus of wheat, maize, potato and
sugarcane”, he added.
He said that scientist and biotechnologist in Pakistan has
achieved the diversification in seed development and moved to a
higher value added seeds, particularly in the crops sector.
The minister said that all the modern techniques should be
replicated after tailor-made alterations keeping in view of local
settings and environmental factors.
Like other countries, Pakistan also took bold step towards
adoption of modern biotechnology and established over 45
biotechnology centers across the country, he added.
Sikandar Bosan assured full support of government for
providing enabling environment to research institutions to interact
together to support the back bone of the economy leading towards
sustainable development.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairman PARC Dr Yousuf Zafar said
that about 50 biotechnology centers were working in the country and
genetically modified (GM) technology was making progress in the
Only 3 muslim countries were officially allowed to cultivate
GM cotton seeds, adding that GM was a tinny subject of biotechnology
and there was need to excel in tissue culture to develop the other
He said that knowledge was the key for socio-economic
development, adding that government was paying special attention to
promote the biotechnology in the country.
Agriculture scientists and experts from Iran, turkey, Sudan
and Sri Lanka are also participating the 2-day event.