Bloomberg ‘surprised’ by Pakistan’s thriving economy


ISLAMABAD, Feb 8 (APP): The international business magazine
Bloomberg has admitted economic growth and stability in Pakistan.
It stated that Pakistan’s image has suffered a shift from
terrorism to development projects, private news channel reported.
Bloomberg published a featured article on Pakistan written
by Tyler Cowen titled as `Pakistan s Economy Is a Pleasant
Surprise’. It read that the stock market situation is far better
in the country now with about 46pc growth in the past year.
“Since 2002, the poverty rate has gone down by half.
Moreover, over the last 3 years, rate of terrorist deaths has
fallen by two-thirds”, the article claimed.
It further affirmed that GDP of Pakistan is aiming for 5pc
from the previously recorded 4pc. According to Bloomberg, 47pc of
Pakistanis today own a washing machine.
The business magazine said that economic growth in Pakistan
has rung warning bells in India. The political condition has
improved from before. Bloomberg praised the `One Belt, One Road’
project, more commonly known as China Pakistan Economic Corridor