BEIJING, April 6 (APP): Ambassador of Pakistan to China
Masood Khalid said on Thursday the upcoming ‘One Belt and One
Road’ Forum would not only manage to formulate a programme for
effectively implementing the initiative, but also to solve
economic issue confronted by the international community.
In an interview with People’s Daily here, he said, China
is Pakistan’s largest trade partner and source of imports.
He said, China’s stepping towards progress and prosperity
would not only improve the living conditions of Chinese people,
but also have a positive impact on global economy. It would
provide momentum for the global development.
Ambassador Khalid said that the topics such as innovation,
education, deepening the reform, and lessening climate change
discussed during the two sessions, impressed him deeply.
He said the Chinese government report 2017 showed the
government’s firm confidence in its economic development,
boosting employment, and innovation.
Pakistan hoped China to have a healthy and stable economic
development, and make greater achievement in deepening the
reform and scientific and technological innovation.