Belt and Road forum will add to what initiative entails: Experts


BEIJING (China), April 19 (APP): The Belt and Road Forum for
International Cooperation, which is scheduled for May 14-15 here,
presents the world a golden opportunity to seek cross-continental development cooperation featuring inclusiveness and openness.
With the theme “Boosting Cooperation and Realizing Win-Win Development”, the forum will give fresh impetus to collaborative efforts to realize a more balanced, equitable and inclusive development model, China Daily commented in its editorial on Wednesday.
First proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, the Silk Road
Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road have won wide
support from the international community, and there is now a broad international consensus on quickening the implementation of the
Representatives from 110 countries, including 28 heads of state and government, will attend next month’s gathering, showing that the “circle of friends” being forged by the initiative continues to expand.
Although led by China, the connotations of the initiative, originally aimed at building a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa, have been further enriched and substantiated by other participants, and China hopes the international forum will continue that process.
Participating countries can elaborate on ways to integrate the initiative into their own development strategies; key areas of cooperation in such fields as connectivity, trade and investment, finance and people-to-people exchanges can be identified; and the form of a long-term cooperation mechanism can be explored.
“Since the start of the B&R initiative in 2013, the initiative has undergone three years’ development, so we are at the key stage to comprehensively promote it, and this is the main reason why China is holding the forum” said Lin Minwang, a professor at the Institute of International Studies of Fudan University.
Although major Western leaders, except for Italy, will not attend, it will not affect the influence of the forum because the B&R initiative is intended to boost developing countries, helping them to achieve modernization, industrialization, and better participate in globalization, said Wang Yiwei, senior research fellow of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at the Renmin University of China.
The Belt and Road Initiative offers the means to do just that,
by timely opening up a new horizon for the world to achieve common development through win-win cooperation.
Now all countries can participate in the initiative in ways they deem appropriate, and in doing so, share the benefits.
For the ambitious initiative is not just empty words, it is an overarching vision that embraces practical projects and measures to promote interconnectivity and sustainable development.