UN General Assembly pays tribute to Ban's "never-tiring service to humanity"

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 12 (APP): United Nations Secretary-General
Ban Ki-moon has congratulated Donald Trump on his election as the
United States President, expressing hope that the U.N. and U.S.
would maintain their strong ties.

Republican Trump, who secured an unexpected victory in the presidential election against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on
Tuesday, will be sworn-in on January 20, 2017.

“In a phone call [Friday] afternoon, the Secretary-General congratulated Mr. Donald Trump on his election as the forty-fifth  President of the United States of America,” the U.N. said in a statement.

Ban welcomed Trump’s “calls for unity following a hard-fought

“The Secretary-General expressed confidence that the United
States and the United Nations would maintain their traditional
strong ties of cooperation to advance peace and security,
sustainable development and human rights throughout the
world,” the statement said.

The billionaire businessman won the US presidency on a
platform that calls for closer ties with Russia, shaking up
security alliances and questioning US funding to the United

Ban will step down at the end of 2016, after completing two
five-year terms as UN chief.

The U.N. General Assembly last month appointed Ban’s
successor, former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Guterres,
who will start his tenure on Jan. 1.