Balochistan’s development beneficial to entire region: Achakzai

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 25 (APP): Governor Balochistan Muhammad

Khan Achakzai on Monday said that “China’s Road and Belt
initiative was an innovative project that would generate not
only greater connectivity for trade and economic opportunities
but will help in development of economically deprived areas in
various parts of the world.
He was speaking at a briefing seminar at the European
Institute of Asian Studies (EIAS) Brussels on the topic
`Balochistan: Key to socio-economic development and
connectivity in the region,’ a message received here said.
The seminar was jointly organized by the Embassy of
Pakistan,Brussels and the European Institute of Asian Studies.
The Governor said “China Pakistan Economic Corridor
(CPEC) would connect China to Afghanistan, Iran, Middle East
and Asia and at the same time the trade route, by taking in
fold China’s north western territory of Xinjiang and
Pakistan’s south western province of Balochistan would help in
bringing these two areas at par with other developed regions
in the respective countries”.
He said that in today’s world development and growth has
to be egalitarian otherwise it leads to conflict and chaos.
He said that trade and development brings prosperity which
leads to strengthening of values of tolerance and democracy.
He further said that CPEC holds opportunities for
European countries as by setting up industry in industrial
zones in areas close to the trade route could be beneficial
for them as well.
“Balochistan is preparing itself to become hub of
economic activity and connectivity and our development is
beneficial not only to our own people, but also for those
around us and beyond”, he added.
He said that European Union was taking great
interest in the Projects related to education
water management and renewable energy in the
province of Balochistan.
The Governor also referred to cooperation with EU which
is progressing satisfactorily. “Let me take this
opportunity to thankfully acknowledge the support that we
receive for our initiatives from international partners.
Recently, together with the EU, we have prepared a six-
year Balochistan Rural Development and Community
Empowerment Programme to reduce the negative impact
of economic deprivation,poverty, environmental
degradation and climate change”, he said.
In her concluding remarks Ambassador Mrs Naghmana
Alamgir Hashmi said that there were many misperceptions
about the CPEC.
Whereas contrary to misperception that it was a project
merely for building roads,she said 70% of the investment in
CPEC was towards energy sector.