Balochistan musical night held at Lok Mela


ISLAMABAD, April 15 (APP): The National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) on Saturday evening organized a Balochistan folk music show during its ongoing folk festival ‘Lok Mela’ here at Shakarparian.
Executive Director Lok Virsa Dr Fouzia Saeed, senior Balochistan government officials and a large number of visitors of Lok Mela attended the show.
Speaking on the occasion, a Balochistan government representative said,” Lok Virsa deserves commendation for promoting Saroz in such a beautiful way. The personal efforts of Dr Fouzia Saeed in projecting
the true culture of Balochistan are praiseworthy.”
Earlier in her welcoming remarks, Dr Fouzia Saeed said, “Lok Virsa is a national institution established for the promotion and preservation of Pakistan’s folk and traditional heritage, which includes folklore of every province and region.”
“We undertook an initiative to promote “Saroz” as a symbol of peace, love and progress and to make it an instrument of youth where they learn it as an expression of love for their heritage and creativity for their future. We believe that this symbol will reflect the real people of Balochistan and bring the youth closer to their cultural identity.”
During an extensive visit to Balochistan, Lok Virsa carried out auditions of Saroz players in different places and organised performances in Turbat and Quetta, she added.
The artists of Balochistan province performed in the show and and received loud applause from the audience.
Around 700 artisans and artists from different parts of the country, including remotest regions, are participating in Lok Mela, bringing with them their creativity in arts, crafts and innovation.
The daily features of the Mela include provincial cultural pavilions, folkloric song & dance ensembles, rural musicians, cultural nights, shopping mall, craft bazaar, artisans at work, traditional food court and many other attractions.
Musical night of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will take place on April 16. Lok Mela is open for public daily from 11am to 10pm.