Baligh urges scientists, think tanks to handle water issue


ISLAMABAD, Jan 19 (APP): Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman Tuesday urged the scientists and think tanks to ponder over the water issues and come up with solutions which would be beneficial
for the country.
He was addressing here at the Regional Workshop on the challenges in Water Security to meet the Growing Food Requirement jointly organized by Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia(AASSA) and Pakistan Academy of Sciences(PAS).
He said that water and food security were the two of the main issues
of the world at the moment.
The state minister said it was high time to talk about justified  water sharing, consideratation in per hectare consumption of water and equal distribution of other resources.
He said our religion teaches us about the moderation and conservation of water so “we should follow the basic principles of Islam”.
Baligh said that PAS has a very important role of an advisor to the government on various issues and added this workshop has been arranged for the benefit of both the people and government.
The government, he said, has taken many initiatives regarding
water and food security in the country and covered demand and supply
sides in order to tackle this issue.
The minister informed that Prime Minister has directed the
Water and Power Development Authority(WAPDA) to conserve water and
take measures to handle the situation.
He said, on the demand side “we have been given the task to
control the population, use water efficiently, and adopt different
crops and cropping measures” he added.
On the supply side “we are given directions to build storage
capacity, repair and control leakages and seepage, lining of canals,
water conservation, flood water management, recycling and usage of
saline water, management of drainage of ground, surface water and
building new dams” the state minister said.
He said Bhasha Dam project is one of the examples of the
initiative taken by our government.
He said “we have a vision 2025 which is the first step
towards the progress”.
Workshop was attended by the international and national
scientists, members and executives of AASSA and PAS.