Bali Jee international bridge enters in final phase


LAHORE, Mar 25 (APP): Shoaib Team comprising substance like
Abdul Rehman Allana, Javed Ahmed Miran, Imran Jaka, Rashid ul Ghazi, Khurshid Hadi and Kamal Shoaib emerged as the leaders after displaying outstanding bridge playing skills and aggregated 71.18 points on the third day of the Bali Jee International Bridge championship here on Saturday at Lahore Gymkhana card room.
In second position is the Bombers Team that have the services of
national players like Ahsan Javed Qureshi, Ghias A.Malik and Mirza Shauq Hussain, Hasnat Mehmood and Nouman Khalid Butt. They accumulated 70.64 points.
A total of 20 teams occupied the bridge tables and at the end of five
rounds and 60 boards as the event enters in its final phase with a day left in its completion.
These top two teams have the ability to withstand pressure and one of
them is likely to take a place on the rostrum in the final go on Sunday.
As for the other competing teams, those still in the run are the teams
playing under the banner of Kamran, Romex, Bilal, Duces, Islamabad Green, Saga ,Tipu 5, Alvi’s and Punters. Through combined intelligence and calculated moves, they can spring a surprise as this championship gets heated up on the final day. One does expect that the members of these teams who are lagging behind at the end of five rounds will manage to overwhelm the competitive environment of this championship through some extremely awesome moves that can open up their winning horizon.

Team Positions are as follows:

At number place is Kamran: Kamran Ibrahim – Masood Mazhar – Azhar
Hameed – Hamed MOHIUDDIN Match Points 61.47
(4) Romex: Rashid Nabi MALIK – Nausherwan SULTAN – Shahid RAFIQ – M. Shafi JANJUA – Sajid Nabi MALIK – Ahsan Yousuf KHAN Match Points 60.13

(5) Bilal: Gulzar Ahmed BILAL – Farrukh LIAQUAT – Imran ABEDI – Parvez MIRZA Match Points 57.16

(6). Duces: Wajahat Ali SURI – Sheikh Abdul MUQEET – Nasir Raza KHAN – Syed Asghar Abbas ZAIDI – Syed Yawer ABBAS Match Points 57.13

(7) Islamabad Green: Muhammad Nasir KHAN – Hasan Akhtar ZAIDI – Shakeel Ahmed CHANDNA – Syed Abdul HAMEED Match Points 57.12

(8). Saga: Ghalib BANDESHA – Assad MAQBOOL – Izat KHALIL – Safdar M. KHAN – Niaz HUSAIN – Qamar S. KIANI Match Points 54.89

(9). Tipu 5: Mudessar RAHIM – Muhammad Ali YASIR – Sapan DESAYI – Qasim Rahim KHAN – Hamza LAQAT Match Points 54.85

(10). Alvi’s : Farooq ALVI – Khaled MOHIUDDIN – Hasan ASKARI – Muhammad Mubashir PURI – Junaid SAID – Jahangir AHMED Match Points 52.65

(11). Punters: Tahir ABBAS Mirza – Ali ABBAS Mirza – Hamid ZAMAN – Oosman BASHIR Match Points 51.82. The competition on the final day is expected to be frightening.
At the conclusion of the championship Mian Nisar Ahmed,an ardent bridge
player and former Chairman, Lahore Gymkhana, will award prizes to the winners in the prize ceremony event which will start at 6pm.