Bali Jatti Theater opened at Lok Virsa


ISLAMABAD, Oct 15 (APP):National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) had commemorated iconic theater artist “Bali Jatti” by naming the Lok Virsa rooftop theater in her honor as “Bali Jatti Rooftop Theater.”

“Bali Jatti” was the first artist ever in Pakistan, to have owned a traveling stage theater. She also worked on several collaborations with Well-known Folk Singer Alam Lohar, though very little of this was available in history books.

Bali Jatti Rooftop Theatre was one of its kind of theaters, located at the heart of Islamabad which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding areas and a fantastic opportunity for stage artists and musicians, to perform and engage urban audience.

In this regard Lok Virsa commenced a series of special concerts with the name “Second Generation of Grand Masters” to be held at Rooftop theatre in connection of this a special musical evening was also held here at Bali Jatti Rooftop Theatre in which Ruby Reshma Niece of a Maestro and a legend folk singer Reshma, pay her tribute and performed with great devotion.

Emulating her aunt prominent style, Ruby Reshma enthralled the audience at Bali Jatti Rooftop theatre which was jam-packed with audience comprising of both women and men in almost equal numbers. Ruby performed with great zest, much like her aunt, and compelled listeners to applaud lavishly.

There were so many rounds of wah wahs after every verse.
Her voice carved to the point where her range was greater than the beats of tablas. And compositions with full of emotions that music lovers easily linked to and enjoyed.
Lok Virsa Executive Director, Dr. Fouzia Saeed in her welcome remarks said, the basic aim of this event and specially initiating this program series was to pay tribute and honor the grand master musicians that will feature the next generation of music maestros and meanwhile to keep our current generation aware with the country’s rich culture and traditions.
She said Resham would be remembered forever for her record singing of Folk music and Lok Virsa would arrange more such events to pay tribute to legendary artists of the country.
“Most of our younger generation are ignorant about the Folk and Classic music and this is the best way to educate them about it,” she added.
Ruby Reshma got the audience delighted when tracks like Lambi Judaai and Aankhiyaan Nu Rehan Dy along with others were instant hits. Reshma’smusic breathed fresh life into the traditional music, at the same time enhancing folk music dynamic and utmost spirit.
Renowned Urdu Poet and Writer, Kishwar Naheed while expressing her feelings said that, “I feel like I am listening to the late Reshma. Ruby has successfully adopted her aunt’s unique style, especially her way of singing’’, adding that nevertheless, Reshma was a maestro in her own league and will always be remembered.
Cultural Expert and Social Scientist, Uxi Mufti while admiring the perfect synchronization of Reshma among the musicians said she was so engaging and her music makes so much sense.
“This initiative of Lok Virsa help to carry forward the legacy of great Artists from generation to generation”, said audience member Raheel Iqbal.
Ruby obliged the audience by singing some requests such as Hay O Rabba Nai o Laghda Dil Mera and O Lal Meri getting them to clap.