APP20-15 ATTOCK: March 15 - Chief Commissioner of Census Asif Bajwa marking house to launch 6th Population & Housing Census 2017. APP photo by Irfan Mahmood

ATTOCK, March 15 (APP): Chief Commissioner Census (CCC) Asif Bajwa Wednesday inaugurated the first phase of the 6th population census from Attock being held after a hiastus of 19 years.
Speaking on the occasion, Bajwa said he hoped the census was being conducted as per procedure and appealed the people to fully cooperate with the enumerators and officials conducting the national exercies.
Bajwa, inaugurating the census, registered the data of a house incribing 001 himself.
In the first three days head and house counting would be completed followed by population census.
“Head and house counting is an important phase of population census. Proper review has been done with the help of Pakistan Army,” he said.
He said the first phase population census in Attock will be completed till April 15. “The first phase of census has been kicked off in the whole country,” he remarked.
He said all logistics and census staff have already been deployed in all census districts to complete this important exercise in a transparent and secure manner.
On the occasion, Commissioner Rawalpindi Azmat Mahmood said 1,500 police personels have been deployed while assistance of Army will also be there. “A block consists of 200 to 250 houses,” he mentioned.
Prior to this Bajwa and Azmat Mahmood met with DCO Attock Rana
Akbar Hayat at his office. During the meeting the process of the cencus and arrangenents was highlighted with the help of slides.
Describing the sensitivity of the zones, he said Tehsil Jand and Pindi Gheb are far away from district head quarter and also sensitive in nature. “Despite Army officers a total of 1500 police personels will be deputed in high threat zones.”
The boat patrolling would be conducted at a place where Indus River connects KPK with Punjab while bio-metric check would also be conducted.
According to the security arrangements, every enumerator would be accompanied by a military soldier and a police constable. Police and Military quick response forces would be deputed to ensure security.
A total of 1881 military personnel have been appointed for census operation. As many as 915 military personnel under command 165 field artillery would work in Tehsils Attock, Hassan Abdal and Hazro, 966 individuals under command 92 field artillery shall work in Tehsil Fateh Jang, Pindigheb and Jaand.
During the first phase, the census would be conducted in sixteen (16) districts of Punjab province, Eight (8) districts of Sindh, fourteen (14) districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, fifteen (15) districts of Balochistan, five (5) districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and five (5) districts of Gilgit Baltistan.