Bajaur people express jubilation over extension of 3G cellular service

BAJAUR, Mar 26 (APP):The people of Bajaur tribal district here Tuesday expressed joy and happiness over extension of 3G cellular service in line with decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and termed it a momentous step towards connecting people of hitherto neglected areas to the rest of the world.

“We are thankful to Prime Minister Imran Khan, who fulfilled his yet another promise of launching three G cellular service to Bajaur and today our dream to get an easy access to information technology through mobile and internet services came true,” tribal elder Ali Khan told APP.

Large scale welcoming banners and posters of Prime Minister Imran Khan have been displayed at conspicuous points across the Bajaur district, thanking him for fulfilling yet another promise made with people of Bajaur tribesmen.

The tribesmen also expressed the resolve and determination to support the present elected Government’s initiatives and plans taken for weal of the common man.

The noted tribal elder said Prime Minister Imran Khan has won the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of tribal people after extension of this much awaited service.

“It will not only provide quick communication facilities to people of all walks of life besides helping students in completion of their research studies,” he said.

Tribal elder Muhammd Khan Bajauri said 3G cellular service was the long awaited demand of tribesmen and their dreams came true after extension of this service to Bajaur.

“Today is the era of information technology and people are interlinked through a mobile click on social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. This will enhance connectivity among people to people besides it will bring oversees Pakistani closer,” he said.

3G service will save time and money of tribal people as they will not go any other cities for posting of letters or for internet services. “This decision will help bring revolution in all sector of life in Bajaur district,” he said.

PTI leader and Member National Assembly, Gul Zafar also lauded leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan on whose directives three G service is being extended to Bajaur district.

The PTI leader said the Government of PTI wanted to address local problems of tribesmen at their doorsteps and many more such initiatives were in the pipeline that will usher in revolution in the lives of people of erstwhile of Fata.