Bahrain Pakistan ministerial moot promises to strengthen ties on multiple fronts


ISLAMABAD, Feb 3 (app): The two day first Bahrain Pakistan Joint Ministerial Session will be held here from Sunday.
During the meeting,the Bahrain side would be headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Bahrain Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Mohamed Al Khallfa, while Aadvisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Ariz would led the Pakistani side.
This ground breaking event aims at solidifying the bilateral ties between the two nations even further, a Foreign Office announcement said here Friday.
This Session comes as a testimony to the level of goodwill, continual cooperation & friendship between the two nations.
It further reiterates the Kingdom of Bahrain’s commitment towards the progress & betterment of Islamic Republic of Pakistan & its people.
A myriad of topics ranging from bilateral, political, socio economic to future developmental projects are likely to be brought up for discussion, the announcement maintained.
In addition , some MoUs on a variety of mutually agreeable areas of common interest are likely to be brought to the table & signed between the respective governments of the Kingdom of Bahrain & Pakistan,
The result of these MoUs & the mutual consensus between the two friendly nations on arenas of common interest witnessed its fruition as the participation of the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mohammaed Nawaz Sharif in the ground breaking ceremony of King Hamad university of Nursing & Associated Medical Sciences in the capital last month under the collaborative Bahraini & Pakistan flags, the first of its kind of many such joint developmental initiatives between the two countries, Pakistan & the Kingdom of Bahrain in the future.
Firm advocates of the principle of reciprocity, the Kingdom of Bahrain is likely to play host to Pakistan for the second Joint Bahrain Pakistan Ministerial Session in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
This visit comes as a fruit of many other such historical visits exchanged between the two countries, the first grand gesture of brotherhood being initiated by King Hamad Bin Isa al Khallfa to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 2014 followed by a subsequent visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mohammed Nawaz Sharif to the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2015.
Since the advent of these historical visits, the relationship between the two countries has flourished and prospered. This effort continues to date as both work tirelessly and continuously for the uplift and welfare of their nations & its people.