Australian HC celebrates achievements of scholarship recipients

Australian HC celebrates achievements of scholarship recipients

ISLAMABAD, Jan 20 (APP): Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson Friday presented 147 recently returned Australia Award scholars with achievement certificates.
According to a press release of the Australian High Commission
issue here, Australia Awards are offered by the Australian government to equip upcoming generations with the skills and knowledge they need to shape successful, inclusive and sustainable economic and social development.
Certificates were awarded to 107 Masters graduates and 40 short course graduates in the areas of education, public health, governance, mining, water resource management, agriculture, rural development, agri business and entrepreneurship.
“Education is an important connection between our two
countries and peoples; I’m encouraged by the growing number of Pakistanis who make Australian educational institutions their first choice for their professional development,” High Commissioner Adamson said.
Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed welcomed Australia’s support to Pakistan’s development through the Australia Awards programme.
“Australia is providing opportunities to Pakistani
professionals through these awards. Australia and Pakistan are cooperating in the education sector and we look forward to developing a mechanism that ensures an increase in collaborative initiatives taken by institutes in both countries,” Dr Mukhtar said.
Australia Awards are a central pillar of the Australian
government’s longstanding development assistance partnership with Pakistan.
The returned scholars will join an active and engaged network
of Australian alumni in Pakistan, as well as regional and global alumni communities.
The Australian government is committed to continuing
engagement with alumni to connect, mobilize and celebrate these important networks.
“Our experience of living and studying in Australia is a solid
foundation. We now have a platform which will help us excel both
personally and professionally, and the ability and skills to help
our community and aim for a better future for all,” Australia Awards
Alumnus Faiza Rehman Syed said.