At UN, India accuses Pakistan of terrorism and disrupting peace process


UNITED NATIONS, Sept 23 (APP): In an attempt to shift international attention on the grave human rights violation and atrocities being committed in Indian occupied Kashmir, India on Saturday made sweeping accusations against Pakistan, claiming that the country was a “pre-eminent export factory for terror.”
Speaking in the U.N. General Assembly, External Affairs Minister Sushma
Swaraj made no mention of the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan, a centre-piece of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s speech on Wednesday, saying the “old resolutions”, to which the Pakistani leader had referred to, had long been overtaken by events.
She asserted that PM Abbasi had forgotten that under the Shimla
Agreement and the Lahore Declaration, India and Pakistan resolved that they would settle all outstanding issues bilaterally. “The reality is that Pakistan’s politicians remember everything, manipulate memory into a convenience,” Swaraj added.
Outside the UN building, hundreds of Kashmiris staged a demonstration
denouncing the repression let loose on the people of Kashmir struggling for their inalienable right to self-determination.
Raising slogans of: “India: Honour UN Resolutions”, “Freedom for
all, Freedom for Kashmir”, Indian Forces: Out of Kashmir”, “No Justice, No Peace”, they urged the world body to fulfill it’s promise of self-determination to the people of Kashmir.