Asif questions opposition’s double standards, says PML-N strengthened judiciary

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ISLAMABAD, June 2 (APP): Hitting hard on opposition for its

apparent contradiction between words and deeds, Federal Minister for
Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif said Friday that Pakistan
Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had rendered great sacrifices to
strengthen judiciary of the country.
“Today, if the judiciary is so powerful, it is the fruit of
our struggle and that of lawyers,” the Minister said while
responding to the address of Opposition Leader, Syed Khursheed Ahmed
Shah in the National Assembly.
He said that since “our blood was included in the struggle and
that was why the judiciary of today was more free in making
decisions and defending the institution”.
He suggested the opposition not to sermonize the PML-N, as it
had played a great role for the last twelve years to strengthen the
judiciary, adding that “the people who were now making hue and cry
were companions of military dictators at the time when PML-N was
struggling for democracy”.
He said that PML-N had always respected the judiciary and
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif always bowed his head before
the supreme institution.
He said the PML-N respected constitutional
institutions also due to the fact that it had great contributions in
strengthening them. “Our constitution as well as the institutions are
very dear to us. We believe powerful institutions will guarantee the
existence of Pakistan, he remarked”.
The Minister said that PM’s one son appeared before the Joint
Investigation Team (JIT) thrice on the orders of Supreme Court,
while his other son was also appearing before the JIT, adding that
all the family had bowed before the decision of supreme court. He
said that it was happening for the first time in the 70 years
history of Pakistan that a sitting Prime Minister had presented his
three generations for accountability.
He said when the then President Asif Ali Zardari failed to
fulfill his commitment to restore judiciary within one month, the
PML-N had left the coalition government to struggle for the supreme
institution. He said that when in October 2007, the PML-N lawmakers
were tendering their resignations the opposition leader was engaged
in benefitting the fruits of NRO.
He expressed the surprise that as why the PPP, which was in
power in the province of Sindh was not conducting inquiry into the
assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.
He admitted that the Bhutto family had great contributions for
the democracy, however the people here instead of nabbing the
assassin of the late leader were engaged in reaping political
The Minister said that he personally had no objection on
providing live coverage to the opposition, saying that the
parliamentarians were representing around 200 million people of
Pakistan so by facilitating live coverage would enable them to know
what is happening in the parliament.
The Minister suggested that the parliament should launch its
own television channel and telecast the proceedings of both the
houses live to help people know what contributions their
representatives are making in the parliament.
On Nehal Hashmi issue, the minister said that it was historic
that the PML-N took a swift action and not only revoked his
membership in the Senate but also cancelled his party membership.
He said that this had happened for the first time in the political
history of Pakistan that a ruling party took such a prompt action.
He said that since Nehal Hashmi was associated with the PML-N,
so his statement was unacceptable for the party and hence it
regretted for that.
He however, suggested the opposition leader to
also put his own house in order and check what was happening there.
The Minister said that the smooth functioning of the
parliament was the demonstration of democratic culture. This
parliament should be remembered for playing an active role for
strengthening the institutions, he added.