Asif for every action to ensure national security

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ISLAMABAD, March 6 (APP): Minister for Defence, Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Monday reiterated Pakistan’s resolve to take every step required for national security and its defence and thwart every conspiracy to target “our people in terrorist activities”.
Pak-Afghan border was rightfully closed. “We are committed to take every step to defend our country”, he remarked.
Mr.Asif said that terrorists were operating from Afghanistan and it was obligatory on us to ensure safety of our people, he said in response to some members from opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI).
The PTI members had tried to link action against outlaws within Pakistan with the closure of Pak-Afghan border.
Afghanistan, he said was hatching conspiracies against Pakistan in connivance with India.
India has outsourced the task of terrorist actions in Pakistan to Afghanistan and our civilians and military personnel are being targeted from across the border, the minister responded to some opposition members from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.
He said over last two years Pakistan’s civil and military leadership has
been contacting and persuading Afghan government to seriously move forward on the issue of terrorism but we did not get positive response.
He said it has been endeavor of the government to properly manage the Pak-Afghan border because there are almost 200 crossing points into Pakistan on this border and until and unless this border is not managed, the terrorists shall continue to cross into Pakistan.
But, Afghan government has been resisting our efforts of border
management and thousands of Afghans cross into Pakistan by meeting minimum formalities. Contrary to this people from our side travel to Afghanistan after fulfilling all formalities, he added.
The minister said, even yesterday (Sunday) five of our personnel were
killed by firing across the border. “Our security is a national issue, it should not be linked to politics of the constituencies or personal affiliations. We should not play politics on this issue”, he remarked.
Khawaja Asif said, “if our people would be killed from across the border, then why not to close the border. “We have rightfully closed the border and shall also go every step in our control for protection of our interests”.
The same time the Minister said, Pakistan also believed that peaceful environment on its territory was also linked to peace in Afghanistan.
But, for the purpose Afghan government should join hands with us to
eliminate terrorism and take action against terrorists on their side of the border.
He said it was unfortunate that people in this House were trying to touch the lowest ebb for their personal agenda as he advised them to rise above their constituencies’ politics and stand united for national security.