ISLAMABAD, Sept 5 (APP): Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif Monday criticizing negative politics of PTI said those who had  no clear hand could not demand inquiry against others.

Responding to various points raised by PTI’s  Shafqat Mahmood regarding their reference filed in the  Speaker’s Office against the Prime Minister, the minister said  those who attacked the Parliament were now talking about sanctity  of the august house.

He said those talking about equality and rules of law should
also had cleaned hands. He said the traditions set by the PTI
outside the Parliament were before the nation.

He said PTI chief Imran Khan was calling the National Assembly  a product of rigging, but now he himself was sitting there and despite resignations of the PTI’s members from the Assembly they regularly  received their salaries and fringe benefits.

Asif said parliament was a forum of debate where the members always criticized each others on various issues while difference of  opinion was right of every member but the way the PTI returned  to the Assembly was regrettable.

He said the PTI MNAs should have been asked to rise on their  seat and clarify their position about resignations but the  Speaker protected them as tradition of the House.

The minister said he questioned about $7.5 million charity
funds of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in 2012, which was siphoned  off to Muscat and invested there, but despite passage of five year  no reply had been given by the PTI.

He said the PTI had introduced shameful traditions and their
past record was in front of the people , adding that the PML-N  hands were clean and they would face the public in future.