Asia Ghee Mills, Faisal Shaheed football club qualify for final


KHANEWAL, Sept 24 (APP): Asia Ghee Mills and Faisal Shaheed
Football Club has qualified for final of All Pakistan Faisal
Shaheed Floodlight Football Tournament by defeating their rivals
in semi finals.
Both semi finals of the tournaments were played at Sports
Stadium here on Sunday.
In first semi final, Asia Ghee Mills club defeated Pakistan
WAPDA by one goal.
The second semi final was played between Faisal Shaheed Club
and Punjab Police in which both teams suceeded in making two goal
scores each in fixed time. During the extra time, both teams made
one goal each, but during last minute of extra time Afzal Khan
Niazi senior player of Faisal Shahed club made another goal
which took his team to final.