Arrest of immigrants with no criminal record spiked in Trump’s presidency


WASHINGTON, May 1 (APP): Immigrants arrests have increased under the new Trump administration, with number of those with no criminal records more than doubled from January to mid-March, media reports said.
President Trump has taken a hardline against illegal immigrants, which he estimates at more than 11 million and has issued orders to expedite deportation of undocumented aliens, besides more stringent screening for visa seekers.
According to reports, federal authorities arrested 21,362 immigrants from January to mid-March, a near 37 per cent rise from the same period last year. The immigration officials had arrested 16,104 immigrants in 2016.
According to reports, nearly three-quarters of the arrested immigrants had criminal convictions, but the arrest of immigrants without criminal convictions posted the biggest increase to more than double.
In the past, the focus of arrest had been those individuals who pose
a threat to national security, public safety and border security, but officials in the new administration had said that immigration officials
would make no distancing while taking decision to arrest and deport aliens without documents.
Pro-immigration reform advocates, who want to see a pathway to legal
status for undocumented aliens, say they are horrified by the new policies which, they observed, risk breaking up families and causing fear among the immigration communities.
Many states and cities have said that they would not cooperate with
federal immigration authorities to arrest undocumented aliens and some of them have even went to the extent of providing help to illegal immigrants. The so-called sanctuary cities are those which have vowed to provide
shelter to illegal aliens to prevent them from being arrested and deported.
But recent reports have suggested that such states and cities risk
losing millions of dollars in federal funds if they do not cooperate with the Trump administration in arresting illegal aliens. President Trump has threatened that he would stop federal funds to cities which refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.
States that would likely hit by such defunding efforts include New York, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maryland. California could lose lost as much as $239 million if its cities don’t comply with the orders to help arrest illegal immigrants. New York risks losing $191 million of federal funding.