Pak Army supports democracy, appreciates govt for removing misunderstandings on Dawn Leaks: ISPR DG

Pakistan's response will lead to unintended consequences: India warned

RAWALPINDI, May 10 (APP): Inter-Services Public Relations

(ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor Wednesday said
that Pakistan Army being fully supportive of the democratic process
in the country, would continue working with other state institutions.
Addressing a news conference here, he said that the
Prime Minister was the final authority, whose orders had to be
He appreciated the government’s efforts to remove
misunderstandings about the Dawn Leaks Inquiry Committee report by
issuing a notification that contained complete facts and
He said on April 29 some reports regarding outcome of the
committee started appearing in media, which were incomplete and not
in line with the recommendations of the inquiry board.
The ISPR, he said, issued a press release and tweet in that
regard, following which such an impression was given by certain
quarters that the Pakistan Army and the government were confronting
each other.
The ISPR DG made it clear that the press release was not
against any government personality or institution, but for the
incomplete notification.
He said whatsoever had happened was ‘very regrettable’ and
such a situation should have not developed.
Replying to a question, the ISPR Director General said an
inquiry board was constituted, it held its proceedings and sent its recommendations to the prime minister, who issued the final order which
was implemented.
The Pakistan Army, he said, was a strong state institution and
would continue to work and perform its constitutional obligation in
coordination with other institutions for betterment of the country.
The army desired a strong democratic system in Pakistan as
aspired by the citizens, Major General Asif Ghafoor added.
Referring to the Chaman border incident, he said the census
process in two divided villages was being carried out.
On some reports of reservations by the Afghan side, he said,
a Pakistani team was heading to hold a meeting with the Afghan
authorities, but the same came under fire attack from across the
The situation, he added, had become intense as the Afghan
border security force got entrenched and kept targeting the
personnel on Pakistani side.
However, in retaliation to that fire, it had become imperative
to respond in the same coin, he said.
Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said Afghanistan was a brotherly
neighbouring country and there should have not been exchange of
fire and such type of incidents should have not taken place.
He expressed the desire to continue to work in better and
peaceful atmosphere.
He said Pakistan had been making efforts for an effective
joint border management.
Answering a question, he said Pakistan had historical
relations with Iran and both the countries had a border management
mechanism to tackle issues.
Commenting on Indian allegation of crossing the Line of
Control and killing her personnel, he stated in a firm tone that
the Pakistan Army, being a professional military outfit, several
times handed over Indians, who mistakenly entered Pakistani areas
with respect, so there was no question of mutilating body of any
Now, he said, India was refusing visas to Pakistani patients
wanting to get treatment there. Pakistan was looking into the
possibility of providing treatment to the patients at home and
other countries as an alternative.
About the ongoing operation ‘Radd ul Fasad,’ he said a girl
Naureen Leghari was recovered from Lahore, who was being brain-
washed and prepared for terrorism activities by a banned terrorist
outfit. “Naureen Leghari was not a terrorist, but was being turned
into a terrorist and we rescued her in time,” he added.
He said in the past when there was radicalization and
extremism in Swat, Taliban had taken away a number of children to
prepare them for subversive activities. “Instead of sending them to
jails, we admitted such children in de-radicalization centers to make
them useful citizens of the country. Presently they have been playing
their constructive role in the national mainstream,” he remarked.
Commenting on the confessional statement of TTP spokesman
Ihsanullah Ihsan, he said it was aimed to reveal as to how he had
been operating and on whom’s behest. His case would be moved forward
in line with the law of the land, he added.
To a question, he said the legal process in case of Indian
spy Kulbhushan Yadav was continuing within the parameters of the
law and according to the laid down procedure of the military courts.
The culprit was handed down punishment by the Field General
Court Martial after considering all evidences, he added.
Every citizen of Pakistan should be vigilant of nefarious
designs of the enemies, who have been making abortive attempts to
let not reap the fruit of the successive efforts to attain lasting
peace in the region, he said.