APTMA Urges for competitive business environment to enhance country’s exports


ISLAMABAD, June 11 (APP) Chairman All Pakistan Textile Mills
Association (APTMA) on Sunday urges for competitive business
environment to compete with regional compotator for enhancing the
Country’s exports.
“We want to compete the regional competitors including India,
Bangladesh, Stri Lanka and Vietnam for enhancing the county’s export
to achieve the target of economic stability and growth,” Secratry
Genaral, APTMA, Anis ul Haq told APP here.
He said that Pakistan required export led growth for economic
stability of country.
Textile industry contributed 60 per cent in total exports of the
country, which was considered backbone of the economy, he added.
He hailed Rs 180 billion “Export enhancement package” adding the
package would give huge relief to the textile sector for enhancing the
exports in the sector.
He said that in coming year’s budget 2017-18,
Rs 4 billion had been allocated for “Export enhancement package”.
Secretary Genral, APTMA stresses the need for implementing this
package which also gave relaxation on the import of textile machinery
for the modernization and enhance the capacity of the sector.
He said the pakage would strengthen the country’s economy by
increasing the country’s exports.
Anis said that price of energy was an important element of production
particularly for spinning, weaving and processing industry.
He said that availability of energy at regionally competitive price was
He urged for proving ease of doing business in the country.