ISLAMABAD, Dec 16 (APP):Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sunday said the attack on Army Public School (APS) Peshawar
had not only shocked the whole nation, but also tested the resilience and resolve of Pakistan to fight terrorism
and extremism.

“The country emerged from that test not only intact, but strengthened. The tragedy brought the whole nation together and gave us the direction to eliminate this menace from our territory. The improved security situation in the country and successes achieved against terrorism in the last four years are owed to the martyrs of the APS attack,”
the Foreign Minister in his message on 4th anniversary of the APS said.
He said on the fourth anniversary of the horrific and barbaric Army Public School (APS) terrorist attack in
Peshawar on December 16, 2014, their thoughts and prayers were with the families, friends and loved ones
of all the victims.
The fateful “black day”, which resulted in loss of more than 130 precious lives, continued to remain a scar
on the collective memory of the nation. Even after four years, the pain and sorrow of this utterly senselessness
and heinous act remained fresh, so did the outrage, he added.
“We will never forget the sacrifices made by our innocent children,” he added.
Qureshi said as they remembered with sorrow the devastating terrorist attack, they must ensure that
this should never happen again, so that their children and future generations could live in peace and pursue
their dreams without fear.
“The anniversary of this tragic day is also a reminder for the international community that terrorism
is a common enemy and must be jointly fought,” a press release quoted the minister as saying.
On this day, he said, they also remembered the immense sacrifices rendered by our security forces.
It was through their tremendous efforts that they had been able to turn the tide against the menace of
“This fight is not yet over and we will persevere until terrorism is completely eradicated
from our country,” he added.