APPAC launched to dispel misperceptions about Pakistan in USA


ISLAMABAD, Apr 17 (APP): The American-Pakistani Public Affairs
Committee (APPAC) has been formally launched to dispel misperceptions about Pakistan in the United States and highlight its role against terrorism and extremism.
“The APPAC will work to elevate the status of Pakistanis in USA and to bring them into mainstream politics,” Chairman APPAC Dr Ijaz Ahmad told newsmen here Monday.
Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, a senior cardiologist practicing in New York for last 10 years said the APPAC had already started a dialogue process to highlight Pakistan’s peaceful role in the comity of nations.
He said focus was being laid on people-to-people contacts to bridge the gap of mistrust and misunderstanding between Pakistan and the US.
He said APPAC was also contacting Democrats and Republicans in USA to convince them that Pakistan being the worst victim of terrorism could never be the part of any move that harms peace and tranquility.
He said APPAC envisioned an America where all citizens were treated equally, regardless of their race, religion, creed or country of origin, in accordance with the real American values.
“The main objective of APPAC is to support political candidates who
are clear in their commitment to full civic and human rights for all, and who stand against bigotry, prejudice, and hate,” he said.
Dr Ijaz Ahmad said APPAC encouraged the Pakistani-Americans to fully participate in the political process and also created opportunities for involvement.
He vowed to mobilize Pakistani community and make them a force in the socio-political system for better relations between Pakistan and USA.