Anusha urges need to harness potential of communication technology


DAVOS, Jan 19 (APP): Minister of State for Information
Technology and Telecommunications Anusha Rahman urged the need to harness potential of technology to advance universal access to justice and support information and communication technologies at national, regional and global levels.
Sharing her views during a special session on “From Fear to
Hope: Leadership on the Road to Justice”, she said to achieve strong and stable societies and effective governance and development goals, the global community must address the needs of those who were deprived of access to justice.
With the advent of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to
promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels, world has a unique opportunity for a more advanced stronger development agenda with concrete actions to support basic access to justice by using next generation technologies, she added.
The minister also emphasized to work together to develop and
foster collaborative and multi stakeholder support for technological platforms and networks to advance universal early access to justice through ICTs.
The minister had very fruitful rounds of discussion with
international top level government officials, the ICT industry leaders and dignitaries here.
Among other activities in Davos, the minister also
participated in a high level discussion session on “Modern Slavery:
A Hidden Crime”.
The prime minister of United Kingdom Theresa May was the lead
panelist on the panel.
The panel highlighted that modern slavery is an international
crime and involves a substantial number of source and transit countries.
There are organized globally operating crime groups, which
systematically exploit large numbers of individuals by forcing and coercing them into a life of abuse and degradation.
On the sidelines of the WEF annual meeting in Davos, the
minister met with different top executives of the WEF including Fadi Chehade as well as other governmental and industrial leaders and apprised about the steps taken for the promotion of the ICT industry and market development.
She invited industry giants to initiate collaboration with
Pakistan which fosters a resilient investment climate for ICT development in the country.